Yogi Shri Shiva Shaktinath

Yogi shaktinath

Yogi Shri Shiva Shaktinath is the closest and the most loved disciple of Shri Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath and Paramhamsha Swami Nikhileshworananda. He is the founder of Gorakshya Nikhil Philosophy. In 1993, the program conducted at KalKotta; He announced that the meditation and yoga founded by great guru Gorak Nath and Swami Nikhileshworananda will name by their name.  In an Ashram generally, only one Guru is followed by his/her disciples or pupils. However, the importance and knowledge learned and shared by them. So Yogi Shri Shiva Shaktinath gave the platform for yoga and meditation under the blessings of two great gurus in the same place.

About Yogi Shri Shiva Shaktinath

He was born on 1966 in the Northern hilly region of Gorkha district where he found religious inspiration from his grandfather. During the practice of meditation, he met founder Dr. Narayan Datta Shrimali who led him to much success within meditation. In 1993 the program conducted in Kolkatta he met Dr. Narayandutta. Since that day, he became the disciple of him and started to spread the information and idea about the Gorachhya Nikhil Darsan. Then both Guru and the rest of society with his vast skill base and practice in yoga, mudra, and meditation; blessed him.

Meditation and yoga provided from Sawar, founded by him with the blessing of Guru Gorakhnath and Swami Nikhilesworananda. All the yoga and meditation where both guru’s thoughts and discoveries, explained in Nepal; all are spread by Yogi Shri Shiva Shaktinath. He has given his life to this yoga and meditation and spread it all over Nepal. 2068/10/10 he left his physical body. Although he is not with us, also we remember him for his philosophy, meditation and many more.

You can get additional information about him from the ashram. And if you want to know more then you can ask the disciples at the ashram.

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