Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course For Beginners In Nepal


Traditional Hatha YogaTeacher Training Course stands out in comparison to other teacher training courses. Because it does not only involve just the Asana and Pranayam but It also includes Bandha, Mudra, and other super powerful courses such as Mantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga (music) meditation and Samadi’s for those seeking for a superior yogic journey. This training course is only for those who want to elaborate their knowledge on Gorakhnath Hatha yoga. Thus, this training is especially for the yoga teacher. So that it is not dependent on any culture or religion.

This training will help you to enhance your knowledge of Hatha yoga and also helps to gain more experience in it.  Yoga and Meditation teach you to be decent which is not dependent on any religion. And if you are true yogis then you won’t do any type of discriminate between any types of religious.  Thus by doing this and devote yourself in yoga, you will get the blessings of great guru Shri-Shri Mahayogi Guru Gorakhanath and Paramhomsha swami Shri Nilkhileshworananda Maharaj. Hence, this teacher training is introduced to provide training on the yoga which is discovered by our great gurus. This training course is not like other courses so hurry up and register now.

Who can take this teacher training course?

  • Any person who wants to learn traditionally Yoga

Cost Includes

  • Morning and Evening Yoga meditation class
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Hot water to drink (any time)
  • Three-time herbal tea
  • Hiking, traveling around village, city, and sightseeing of the respective place during daytime
  • Share room with attached bathroom

Cost Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Laundry
  • Additional food if needed
  • Other personal requirements

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Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course For Beginners In Nepal