Music Training And Devotion Music -Bhakti Sangeet In Nepal


Practicing Bhakti Sangit Sadhana yoga can free us from all the negativity and fill ourselves with joy, Peace, and genuine happiness. The Divine name and role of God are chanted in this Yoga practice and just by listening to this devotional music we can destroy our sins and feel pure and complete. In our sawar meditation yoga, we teach you about sangeet pranayama and bhakti sangeet. We will provide you with the brief introduction about pranayama. After knowing about pranayama, bhakti and sangeet we will mix up altogether and work on it. During this session, we also teach you to play some musical instrument.

Bhakti Sangeet Satsang(sangeet pranayama and bhakti sangeet)

Many kinds of music/sangeet we heard. Among all kinds of music, Bhakti sangeet plays a vital role in our life. Other music includes love, country, time, situation etc. But Bhakti sangeet will be fully based on god, guru and other mantras. This types of music will pure your soul and make your mind peaceful. You can listen to music as you want or according to your mood. But if you are stressed then only bhakti sangeet will help you to relax.

So that sawar meditation yoga brings you the opportunity to take part in bhakti sangeet satsan and get blessings of God.

Benefits of Bhakti Sangeet Satsang(sangeet pranayama and bhakti sangeet)

  • Decrease the mental stress
  • Helps to circulate the heart properly
  • Gradually decrease the negative thoughts and helps to make a peaceful mental state
  • Take you to the level of mental happiness
  • Increase the knowledge
  • Increase the energy to do something in your body
  • Get the blessings of Great Guru and God
  • Increase in willpower to fight against the disease

 Music training and devotion music

  • Morning/Evening kirtan and Bhajan (Singing)
  • Musical Meditation
  • Tabala
  • Madal
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Harmonium
  • Others(according to your interest)

For more detail information you can read a book related to this. And you can also listen to some songs related to this and also watch videos related to this. OR you can also visit our place, sawar meditation yoga and get much more information. You will get complete practical and theoretical knowledge about meditation and yoga and also get the chance to visit many places.  Hence, for further information visit our website or contact us. Hurry up and visit our place.

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Music Training And Devotion Music -Bhakti Sangeet In Nepal