Shri-Shri Mahayogi Guru Goraknath


The Masters through the ages, there is one acknowledged Master who has been mentioned within the ancient scriptures, in legends and mystic tales, in passing mention by several known masters and mentioned within the Puranas and other scriptures, he’s referred to as Guru Goraksh Nath. Shri-Shri Mahayogi Guru Goraknath is that the supreme manifestation of supreme divinity. there’s no word which will describe guru Goraksh Nath and his attractive exploits. folks having achieved elemental knowledge call him Mahayogi, Mahaguru, Aadi Nath, Siddha Yogiraj, Goraksha then on. Saints, poets, yogis, scholars, and historians of all ages have sung his praise. The Nath Sampradaya, among several others, reveres him as Shiva Goraksha.

Meaning of Shri-Shri Mahayogi Guru Goraknath

Shri means continuously having prosperous power and fame. Mahayogi came before guru means Guru Gorakhnath or Gorokshyanath. He is not only Guru but Mahaguru of yoga. Go means universe, earth, sense, religion etc. Rakha means protector, Nath means lord or highest position. Shri-Shri Mahayogi Guru Goraknath is the Lord who protects all conscious and unconscious beings. Thus Shri-Shri Mahayogi Guru Goraknath, not limited under certain caste and religion.

The legend states that Guru Gorakshnath, the eternal sage and historically related to yoga, has been around for thousands of years looking at the welfare of humanity. Completely different legends ascribe different stories regarding his incarnation; therefore the period of his worldly existence, and that they vary greatly.

Shri-Shri Mahayogi Guru Goraknath suggestions:

Goraksh Nath virtually suggests that someone who has mastered his indriyas (senses); and has complete control over the 5 vikritis or negative characteristics in human nature . That’s kaam (sexuality), krodh (temper), mad (ego), lobh (greed) and moh (worldly attachment).

By doing, therefore, desires and wishes stabilized, resulting in peace and happiness inside. He believed that God existed in oneself, the 5 components of jal (water), vayu (air), akash (sky), Agni (fire) and prithivi (earth), by that the body is formed, become a part of the cosmos through meditation and proper conduct.

In order to get success in meditation and yoga, people need his blessing. In this meditation and yoga center, the technique founded by him will teach. 1st he emerged in Gorakh Cave of Gorakha district on Tuesday in Baisakh Purnima (full moon day). This cave is still in the place as a pilgrimage. Also for additional information about him, you can obtain from books and article related to him.

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