Paramhomsha Swami Shri Nilkhileshworananda Maharaj

Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali (1933 – 1998) was a Guru of the best proficiency in Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Astrology, and all ancient Indian sciences. The meaning of Param is nearest, Hansa means sole, Swami means the respected person; Likewise, Nilkhil means World and Maharaj means the King.  In his ascetic kind, he’s the great master of Siddhashram, swami Nilkhileshworananda Maharaj. He has the best and glamourous mahayogi in this universe. we should memorize him so as to do meditation and succeed high nonsecular post. Yoga and meditation, blessed by him are most significant. this can be the name of his supernatural or divine structure.

Name of his natural structure in Narayan Datta Shmali. He took birth on April 21, 1933, in Jodhpur (Kharatia Village) of India and practiced the nonsecular knowledge like yoga, Mantra, astrology, Ayurved etc. That was nearly extinct. He went back to Nilkhileshworananda Maharaj, Structure on July-3-1998. Additional info concerning him will obtain from this yoga center or net. We are able to get his blessing from this yoga center.

Nilkhileshworananda Maharaj in Early years:

Dr. Shrimali was married to Bhagavati Devi at the first age of 18. The traditional Indian sciences like Mantra and Tantra from his childhood inspire him. His enthusiasm to find out the traditional sciences created him quit his home and explore for masters within the Himalaya. Dr. Shrimali wandered within the Himalaya as a sannyasi. Once learning numerous occult studies like Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Surya Vigyan, Hypnotism, Ayurveda, palmistry and Alchemy from numerous sages; He finally had the prospect of meeting his Guru Paramhans Swami Sacchidananda in Siddhashram.

Once he became complete master and enlightened, his Guru ordered him to travel back to his family life and unfold his knowledge to the common society. He took up the arduous task of removing the misconceptions of Mantra and Tantra within the society and creating the key knowledge of Mantra, Tantra out there to the individual. He left his mortal frame on 3 July 1998.

Awards and recognition of Nilkhileshworananda Maharaj:

Dr. Shrimali was appointed as the President of the World astrology Conference from amongst representatives of varied countries in 1979. He was the president of most of the astrological conferences that happened in India since 1979. In 1987, honored with the title of “Tantra Shiromani” by the Para-psychological Council. Thus in 1988, honored with the title of “Mantra Shiromani” by the Mantra Sansthan.

Dr. Shrimali was honored with the title of “Maha Mahopadhyay” in 1982 by the then Vice-President of India, Dr.B.D.Jatti. Furthermore in 1989, honored with the title “Samaj Shiromani” by the then Vice-President of India, Dr.Shankar Dayal Sharma. In 1991, honored by the then. Hence, Prime Minister of Nepal, K.P.Bhattarai for his distinctive and singular work in the social and spiritual fields.

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