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Sawar Meditation and Yoga Center is an authorized tested place, which provides knowledge on meditation and yoga. This meditation and yoga were originally founded by the first meditation and yoga guru Shri-Shri Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath and Param Hamsha Swami Shri Nilkhileshwornanda in order to fulfil the true purpose of a human being.

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Hatha Yoga Class.

Madhav Pd Dhakal
Every Monday and Friday

10:00 AM

Join our gold-standard Teacher Training Online this fall.

Traditional Mantra Yoga In Nepal

Are you interested in learning more about the effect of trauma on the mind & body?

As a yoga teacher, have you had a students’ trauma triggered during one of your classes? Get the resources and tools you need to act appropriately when this happens.

Meet our people.

Madhav Pd Dhakal

Hatha Trainer

He has been working as a yoga instructor in Sawar Meditation Yoga center which was established in the same year. Recently, this yoga center has been established in four different places Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bandipur, and Gorkha.


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Going Deeper with Sawar community.

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Our Yoga Collection is made from Certified Organic Cotton, ensuing strict social and environmental standards.

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